Saturday, January 09, 2010

Happy 2010!

Firstly, belated Happy New Year! Hope it's a great year for you all :) Sorry for the late post, I meant to jump on here sooner but heavy snowfall this year presented new tasks to keep me occupied! Christmas was busy busy, I found myself working on Christmas Eve until 7pm, something I never do as I like to keep that day for last minute Christmas errands for friends and family...this was moved to after Christmas where we found ourselves out the house more than in! Kept us out of trouble and it meant that once things had calmed down we had a house full of niceties to munch through and unwrap :) I'm hoping to put some new bits onto Etsy soon too, I've got notebooks and bags in the pipeline, some valentines cards, and I'm working on a little desk pet just for fun :) here's a quick pic!

Hope you all had a great festive season and are ready for the new year! xx